Friday, November 20, 2009

MAM! or bust - or, be careful what you wish for...

Our annual Art Club trip was a success, nearly a smashing success. The drive across the Wisconsin wasteland was filled with mirth, but otherwise uneventful (MPH blurred on GPS device to protect the image of Lasallian virtue).

However, our entrance to Malt-waukee came nearly to a close encounter of the failed brake kind when our #2 pace car opted to test the theory of cause and effect on the rear bumper of the #1 pace car. Fortunately the quick reflexes of the professional driver in #2 averted disaster (and yet couldn't prevent the outburst of screams in the car's interior).

All was well, however, even if we had to skip a sit down lunch (see box of lunch 'fixings' compliments of food service).

We did fortunately get to the museum just in time to see the closing and opening of the 'wings'. Add to that some wonderful art, Pizzaria Uno pizza later that we happened upon while we were lost taking the wrong Interstate exit, and the trip was deemed: a success!

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