Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Attention all Art and Design Majors

The department is thinking of taking students to two upcoming events. Let us know if you are interested in either. To make room, you can't attend both, but they are so different you probably wouldn't want to anyway. If we have a lot of interest for any trip we may have to pick names by lottery.
The department will pay for travel and then entrance tickets. Food and any other items are your responsibility.

The first is called MNFashion, a series of events showcasing regional fashion designers, artists, and musicians.

With this event there are two event possibilities (we will probably only attend one of the following depending on interest and available drivers):
Envision happens this Friday and has it all: the runway, art, and music. Because it is three days from today, we are not sure who can drive to this event, but we are asking around. If this is something you are interested in, email me and we'll see if we can do it. Maximum number of students: 3, maybe 4.
The Shows happens on two different nights next week, Wednesday, Sept. 25, and Thursday, Sept. 26. Professor Truax would be willing to take a carload of students to this fashion event on either evening. If you are interested in, email me, stating which day fits best in your schedule.
The second event is FallCon Comic Book Party on Saturday, October 5th. This is kind of a regional ComiCon with big named designers, writers, dealers of mainstream and independent comics. You can go in costume if you want. Also, bring your sketchbook portfolio for a review with the big dogs.
If interested in this, email me.
Hope to hear from you!

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